Y-Lashes with Crystal Stones

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Y-Lashes with Crystal Stones

This novelty item now in the market lends glittering highlights to your dream eyelashes

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weight: 0,03 kg

The useful Y-lashes that create more body with little effort is now available at XXL Lashes ready-made with attached crystals.

Crystal-Lashes-2kl.jpg Totally regardless of how you apply, whether singly, by placing 3 alongside each other or setting half a row of lashes at one go, the effect is absolutely eye-catching.

Based on the eye-colour, type or appearance you can select from a range of 8 different colours in order to get the best results for every requirement and to catch the eye of one and all.

Y-Eyelashes come attached conveniently onto an adhesive strip that can be removed singly from the pack for easy application. There are 120 Y-lashes in 8 different colours measuring 10 mm in a single pack.

Our disposable pads for the lower eyelid is also another product you could use.

Y-Lashes with Crystal Stones
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