W-Lashes, 300 pcs

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W-Lashes - 3D type - 300 pcs

- triple effect with half the time

17,00 EUR

weight: 0,02 kg

W Lashes have the shape of a W, which results in a fuller look. 3 lashes are joined at the base to create volume and dimension. Applying 1 gives the effect of 2-3, which of course also means better effect in time and efficiency. They are only available in trays, not in open cases.

Tip: To extract the W lashes from the tray one needs to have a lot of flair. Please follow this procedure: - it is easier when the adhesive tape is warm (by sunlight, or lamp light, among others)- as far as possible hold the W lashes at the bottom with the tweezers- pull it gently towards you- before dipping it into the glue, first re-position the tweezers such that the W lash is now caught by the tip with the tweezers.

Brand new on the market and already available in the XXL Lashes Shop are boxes with strips in 8 different lengths (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 mm).

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