Eyeliner Sticker

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Eyeliner Sticker (3 different models)

Originally an amazing concept from Christian Dior - after false eyelashes and nail stickers now sticker eyeliners are the hottest trend. Is it not a fabulous make-up idea to make that big glamorous splash at the weekend?

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Especially for those who perpetually struggle to draw that line over their eyelids; they need now no longer give up on that "Gaga-effect". Find out here just how easy it is to apply this eyeliner sticker:
The quick guide:
  • thoroughly cleanse make-up remnants from the eyelids, they have to be completely grease-free
  • then carefully peel out an eyeliner sticker from the plastic sheet with a pair of tweezers
  • place it on the inner corner of the eye and glide it absolutely close along the lash line
  • run your finger tips along the eyelashes on your eyelid, pressing gently, to ensure that your eyeliner holds and stays in place
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