XXL Lashes Remover / Debonder

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XXL Lashes Remover / Debonder - 10 ml

This specially formulated gentle medical grade remover will easily and quickly remove eyelash extensions adhesives in seconds …

12,50 EUR - 9,50 EUR

weight: 0,04 kg


Quantity Single price
1-4 12,50 EUR
5-9 10,90 EUR
>= 10 9,50 EUR

...without harming your natural eyelashes. It has a pleasant smell and contains antibiotic agents. There will be no irritation if used properly.


Apply a very little drop of remover solution on the tip of a micro-fiber brush . Wipe off excess liquid. Then press the brush with another micro-fibre brush so both brushes are slightly damp, but not saturated. Hold the lashes that need to be removed between the two brushes. Gently and slowly brush the single lash a few times. Let remover set for a few seconds and use a micro-brush to remove the unwanted lash. Clean lashes with warm water and pat dry. Only remove one lash at a time. Do not allow remover solution to contact other lashes or get in to eyes or touch skin.


  • For Professional use only
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • If contact in with eyes, flush with saline solution for 10 minutes. Consult a physician immediately.
  • Store at cool temperature avoid direct sun light
XXL Lashes Remover / Debonder - 10 ml XXL Lashes Remover / Debonder - 10 ml
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