2 Silicopads

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2 Silicon Eyelid Pads, Eyelash ExtensionTreatments Patch

Professional silicone protection for skin and eyelashes - reusable, washable, self-adherent

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weight: 0,02 kg

The silicon pads are self-adhesive, washable, reusable and are preferred for using to cover the lower eyelid area completely
  • for eyelash application,
  • eyelash lifting, eyelash curling or eyelash dyeing procedures so that the sensitive skin there stays protected from colours and chemicals.
  • Or while applying eye makeup to prevent mascara or kohl remnants from being left behind on the skin.

Application :

Place the shiny side on grease and powder free skin and press it down gently for a few seconds until the body heat makes the material take on the shape of the face.

Clean the area with soap and warm water after use and air-dry. Avoid towel lint from hampering adhesion.

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